Taaha Shah Wiki, Profile, Girlfriend and Biography

By | June 1, 2015

Taaha Shah Wiki

Taaha Shah is an bollywood film actor who was born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Taaha made his debut as an actor in bollywood movie “Luv Ka the End” which was released in 2011. He was last seen in bollywood movie gippi with Riya Vij which is also made her debut in this movie. We will see Taaha Shah performance in his next upcoming movie Tina and Lolo and Barkhaa.




Taaha Shah was born on 19th November 1987 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He is a son of Shah Sikkander Badusha who is an F.R.C.S. from Glasgow and Edinborough and also Orthopedic doctor and her mother was an biochemist and currently she is an entrepreneur. He has one brother name abid who is an lead civil engineer. He completed his primary education from Sherwood academy, Abu dhabi and Kodaikanal International School, Tamil Nadu. After completing his school he enrolled for graduation in business administration from American University of Sharjah but during his first semester he drop out of course because he think this study is not for him. Then two month later he move to canada to his elder brother at new year eve and there he decide his dream to become a bollywood actor.


Name : Taaha Shah

Age : 27 Years

Occupation : Actor

Birth Place : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Residence : Mumbai,  India

Height : 6’1″

Weight : 77 Kgs Approx

Date Of Birth : 19th November 1987

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Tina and Lolo


Girlfriend / Marriage

Taaha Shah is currently not in relationship with anybody.

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6 thoughts on “Taaha Shah Wiki, Profile, Girlfriend and Biography

  1. susan

    Taha cant act sing or dance. Hes awful. Hes a large man and muscalar and looks liek he takes steroids. He is a relative of my relative. He has a bad temper and has assaulted my relative and is very mean and abusive. His mother is a rag ho liek him who abuses family phusicallya nd mentally. These twqo are the worst of teh worst. Tahahs movies are dumb chic flicks not worth the time watching at all and hes is the worst actor worth $0 dont bother going to his movies and knwo he is a horrible abusive man.

  2. susan matthews

    taha is a talentless actor appearing in low budget low grade movies aspiring to copy american chic fliks .. he is an oversized brute on steroids who beat uo his cousin and treated him like he is a slave.. teh shaha family lured josh who is an americam=n to live with them.. behaving nicely at first but later beating him and treating home poorly.. josh ran from taht household and never wants to see that family again

  3. janu

    he is a good actor
    he acted very well..i think he has a good personality..great


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